The Finest Quality Beef From Truly Unique Environments Riverside Beef

The Riverside Beef

Really nice beef that tastes all the better from knowing the cattle had a good life grazing washland fields for the benefit of breeding snipe and yellow wagtails.

Cliff Carson

Delicious beef that has had a good life!

Sarah Burston

The natural grasslands along East Anglia’s lazy rivers support a diversity of plants and wildlife. Cattle grazing these lush pastures during the summer maintain essential habitats for ground nesting birds, such as lapwings and snipe, to nest and flourish the following spring.

Sustainable livestock production in these area of outstanding natural beauty has been a feature of the landscape for centuries. A unique example of man working in harmony with nature, conserving our heritage for future generations to enjoy.

Feeding is closely monitored by Riverside Beef, with cattle grazing natural grasses and herbs in the summer, during the winter while back on the farms they are fed on natural, and wherever possible, locally grown traditional feeds such as cereals, forage and root crops.

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The Benefits of a Fully Assured Supply Chain

The selected livestock are processed locally in assured facilities complying with the highest standard of animal welfare and hygiene. The meat is matured on the bone for a minimum of 14 days to enhance the flavour and naturally tenderise before being introduced to the plate.

A Rib of Riverside BeefThrough our partners in the supply chain we can provide outstanding Riverside Beef to butchers, restaurants, retailers, schools and individual customers either on the bone or cut and packed according to their specific requirements.

Education – because we believe that it is important to maintain these vital areas for wildlife, we are keen to involve our customers and their customers in farm visits, talks and presentations.